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[Titantv] Titan TV Reboot

Hey everyone,
I trust that this email will find you, and find you well. 

As you may or may not know (or may be denying), Fall 2006 is right around the corner, which means another fantastic year of television production is upon us.  The good news is that we are currently poised for a fantastic year technically, involving a lot of new equipment; mixed with good productions, we should be set for great things.

What I need from all of you, though, is what your commitment will be.  In other words, I need a definitive answer as soon as humanly possible as to what shows will be returning in the fall of 2006.  Several shows have already requested taping times, whereas others have merely said they would like to tape in the fall but have said little else.  Here are the shows that I know for sure will be returning:

 - Titan TV News
 - 5th AT Telethon
 - Super Happy Fun Time!
 - Inside the Locker Room
 - Nick Re-Invents the Triangle of Death

So, if your show is not on this list, figure out what you want to do and let me know as soon as possible.  I'd like to know when you'd like to tape, what kind of set you need, how long of a show and how many shows you will be producing, crew needs, a brief rundown--a good general overview of what your show will entail. 

I'd like a definitive answer as to whether or not your show is taping by 1 August 2006, and the general show pitch (e.g. the list from the previous paragraph) as soon as possible after that.  Why the early date?  Read on!

One of the big technical advancements we're hoping to launch in the fall is Internet Streaming, or in more dramatic speech, having Titan TV available anywhere in the world via the Internet.  We need to know which shows are taping as soon as possible so as to request money for each show to stream--to be frank, streaming isn't cheap.  By knowing which shows are confirmed for the fall by the first, I'll be able to include the cost of streaming the show into the budget.  If you let me know after that date, you can still produce the show (assuming we have available studio time), but you'll have to wait on the internet streaming thing until Spring. 

I do apologize for the rush on this information, but as great things come to those who refuse to wait, we need to move on this as soon as possible. 

The other major news for the end of summer is August.  Beginning in early August, we will begin the process of resetting everything in Titan TV that has been moved due to the Asbestos Abatement Project.  This is literally everything--every editor, desk, rack, shelf, box, cable, monitor, etc. etc.  For those who have seen the Studios at the end of May, you will understand how large of an undertaking this is.  In short, if you would like to volunteer to help get the studios back in order, let me know and I will contact you as soon as we have a definitive start date.  This is a great way to get insider's knowledge of everything not only for Titan TV, but for the major as well, plus you get to see some of the new equipment that is being installed before anyone else does.  Again, the Spacement are slated to leave around the beginning of August, and as we'd like to hit the ground running, any time at all that you might be able to help out would be appreciated. 

Finally, here are some of the toys we have (or will have) in the Titan TV Toybox for the fall:
 - Virtual Monitor Wall
 - Renovated Control Room (no more yellow walls for us!)
 - New Router in Master Control
 - New Mic Lines into Both Studios (no more four pin XLR cables either)
 - Elimination of Microphone Patch Bay (sorry, but the only way you'll hear WRST now is by getting your own radio)
 - New Intercom/Godmic
 - Internet Streaming
 - Giant Catapult/misc. siege gear (pending funding requests)
 - Coffee Pot

As usual, contact me with any questions or concerns.  Look for another email nearer to the beginning of the year regarding Taste of Oshkosh, among other things. 

Best Regards,

P.S. Join the Mailing List so I don't have to keep typing in your individual email addresses!  Here's a direct link: http://lists.uwosh.edu/mailman/listinfo/titantv
Apologies if you receive this twice. 
Jon Stricklin
Station Manager, Titan TV 66
(262)751-7423 (mobile)