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[Music Education] (no subject)

Dear colleagues -

The meeting of the Wisconsin Society for Music Teacher Education on
Wednesday, October 23 (4-5:30, I think) will discuss, among other things,
the PI34 rules for program approval.  As you know, each campus will need to
develop a protocol for assessing, through performance, the students' mastery
of the competencies.  The structure and efficacy of the protocol will be a
major factor in program approval.  

DPI is interested in working with campuses in order to develop a system that
works well, is user-friendly, and is a direct assessment of student
abilities.  I have attached some goals and recommendations that may be
considered as a starting point.  A third attachment is a proposed template
for program assessment, with a suggested rubric.  

At the AWCUMA meeting I suggested that a committee of members from that
group and this one be formed to draw up general protocols that each campus
could adapt to its own use.  I would be happy to be a member of such a
committee.  I would anticipate that anything the committee develops will be
revised as it is used and the need for changes become apparent.

Mel Pontious
State Music Consultant
PO Box 7841
Madison, WI 53707-7841

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