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[Music Education] FW: Content guidelines for program approval.

Dear colleagues -
I'm forwarding a memo regarding the program reviews under PI 34.  It was
sent to the content consultants here at DPI in order to clarify what will
make up the program reviews.  This is something we can discuss at the WSMTE
meeting on the 23rd.

Mel Pontious
State Music Consultant
PO Box 7841
Madison, WI 53707-7841

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From: Lind, Kathryn DPI 
Sent: Wednesday, October 09, 2002 4:57 PM
To: Van Beaver, Suzan DPI; Lohr, Neah DPI; Sanders, Stephen DPI; Karbon,
Jacqueline DPI; Wiltrout, Daniel DPI; Albrecht, Bryan DPI; Grady, Sue M.
DPI; Bilzing, Deborah DPI; Dibble, Nic DPI; Odell, Brent DPI; Berndt, Sandra
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Squier, Sheryl DPI; Hoffman, Samantha DPI; Gagnon, Dean DPI; Wendt, Sharon
DPI; Rayala, Martin DPI; Lee, Shelley DPI; Last, Ellen DPI; Schmitt, Bette
DPI; Boals, Timothy J. DPI; Pontious, Melvin DPI; Last, Ellen DPI; Strom,
Sharon DPI; Heibel, Jane DPI; Starkman, Kenneth DPI; Lewis, Beth DPI
Subject: Content guidelines for program approval.

Attached you will find a memo regarding your work on the templates for
content program approval.We hope it will further clarify what we need. For
those of you who haven't sent your template to me , please try to do so
within the next week. Thank you . .

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