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[Music Education] October 23rd meeting

Dear Colleagues,
The conference meeting of the Wisconsin Society for Music Teacher Education will be held on Wednesday, October 23rd in Room E at Monona Terrace.  The main topic for discussion will be PI 34, and you have received several documents related to the discussion from Mel Pontious.  In an effort to facilitate more efficient and productive use of our brief time together, please let me know by Friday, October 18th if you have specific questions, issues, or problems with implementation of PI 34.  On the other side of the issue, please let me know if you are willing to share your implementation plan with the group.  (I will be in Louisville, KY from Sunday, October 20th until the day of our meeting in Madison, so I need your feedback by Friday.)

Thanks for working to improve music education in Wisconsin.  I look forward to seeing you on October 23rd.

Judy Bond, Coordinator of Music Education, UWSP