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[Music Education] WSMTE April 11

Dear Colleagues,

Here are the materials prepared by Mel Pontious.  Some of these were distributed at our meeting in October.  If you have questions or can't open these attachments please let me know.  Otherwise please print these and bring them to the meeting for our discussion.

Judy Bond <<PI34Rubric31.rtf>>  <<PI 34asstmntGoals.doc>>  <<PI 34asstmnt1.doc>>  <<ksdsWIversion.doc>>  <<DISPOSITIONS.doc>> 

Attachment: PI34Rubric31.rtf
Description: PI34Rubric31.rtf

Attachment: PI 34asstmntGoals.doc
Description: PI 34asstmntGoals.doc

Attachment: PI 34asstmnt1.doc
Description: PI 34asstmnt1.doc

Attachment: ksdsWIversion.doc
Description: ksdsWIversion.doc

Attachment: DISPOSITIONS.doc
Description: DISPOSITIONS.doc