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[Music Education] UW-La Crosse arts funding under severe scrutiny

Fellow Educators:


Here at UW-La Crosse, the student apportionment committee, comprised of both students and faculty, is threatening to impose severe cuts on funding not only to the department of music, but to theatre, visual arts, and other related departments under the College of Liberal Studies who receive apportionment funds.  This meeting is slated to occur next Monday the 14th, and many of our students who participate in the arts are promising to show up in full force outside the meeting area to demonstrate their unity and interest in the arts here on our campus.  


We are facing, once again, the blunt cutting edge of ill-informed authority who either cannot or will not recognize the diverse participation of non-majors in the arts from across the entire academic campus.  This amounts to, in my opinion, prejudicial and/or discriminatory bias against programs deemed inferior to other collegial departments who will not face such heavy-handed behavior.


I know other campuses and districts have faced similar threats, sometimes without success.  Many of you have borne these experiences, and have endured.  This is not a unique scenario, and we will demonstrate the same solidarity of purpose with those who have protected our treasured and valuable arts before. 


This message is NOT intended to reflect an official University position, Department position, or any other position other than my own as member of this unmoderated forum.  It is an exercise of second amendment right on issues that affect all who belong to this list directly or indirectly.  I take full responsibility for its wording and for its warning.




Phil Golson

Assistant Professor



Phil Golson, D.M.A.

Wind Symphony

Low Brass Studio

UW-La Crosse Department of Music

249 Center for the Arts

La Crosse, WI 54601