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[Music Education] (no subject)

October 24, 2003

Dear colleagues:

This note is to clarify some rather unclear aspects of PI 34.  Several have
raised questions about the age levels for which licenses are granted.  As
you know, the original designation was pK-12, or broad-field, for all music
education licenses.  Currently, PI 34 designation is still broad-field but
is listed as early childhood through adolescence.  PI 34.27 through 34.29
defines early childhood as beginning at birth and adolescence ending at 21.
PI 34.30 describes the broad-field licenses, which include music.  

Although the licenses include this broad range of ages, the
college/university programs would reflect the realities of music education.
For instance, instrumental majors would have methods, practica, and student
teaching experiences at those grade levels at which students begin study of
band and orchestra instruments.  Choral programs would be similarly
constituted, beginning at the grades at which choral experiences begin.
General music, however, would indeed encompass early childhood, with
appropriate methods, practica, and student teaching.  While all students'
practica and student teaching should give them as broad a set of experiences
in the age levels as possible, the requirements specify only that the
experiences be in those particular age categories.  For instance, general
music majors must have experiences in all categories, with the "early
childhood" level of especial importance.  Instrumental and choral majors
must also reflect all categories, but their experiences at the lower age
levels would naturally be limited to those grades in which instrumental or
choral study begins.  

I hope this answers some of the questions.  If not, I'll see you at the
Conference on Wednesday!

Mel Pontious
State Fine Arts Consultant
PO Box 7841
Madison, WI 53707-7841