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[Music Education] Music & Lifelong Learning Symposium

Title: Music & Lifelong Learning Symposium

Call for Abstracts:  Music and Lifelong Learning Symposium

The University of Wisconsin-Madison and the ACME SRIG (Adult and Community Music Education Special Research Interest Group of MENC) announce a Music and Lifelong Learning Symposium to be held April 14-16, 2005, in Madison, Wisconsin.

The goal of the Music and Lifelong Learning Symposium is to bring together researchers, educators, and practitioners to share research and ideas about the role and importance of music across the lifespan.  The Symposium seeks to promote and disseminate research which investigates experiences affecting musical acquisition, development, and participation across the lifespan, particularly into the adult years.  Sessions will include research presentations and teacher/practitioner interactive sessions, and may focus on any aspect of teaching and learning.

We invite submission of research paper abstracts and interactive session descriptions by October 31, 2004.  Submissions should include:

1) three copies of an abstract or session description of not more than 300 words;
2) one copy of a cover page with name, affiliation, contact information and short (75-word) bio.

A panel of ACME SRIG members will select papers and sessions for presentation.  Submissions may be made electronically or by post to:

Dr. Chelcy Bowles
University of Wisconsin-Madison
720 Lowell Center
610 Langdon Street
Madison, WI  53703

E-Mail:  cbowles@dcs.wisc.edu with the subject line “Lifelong Learning Abstract”
Fax:  608/262-1694

On successful acceptance of abstracts, authors are invited to submit full papers for publication consideration in the International Journal of Community Music, a peer-reviewed e-journal.

Contact Chelcy Bowles (above) for a Music and Lifelong Learning Symposium brochure.