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[Music Education] list update request

Dear Wisconsin Music Teacher Educators,

I'd appreciate your help in updating the Wisconsin Music Teacher Education Email Discussion List. If you are aware of new individuals or those with new responsibilities in music teacher education at your institution (or another institution) please either:

-respond to me with new name(s) and email address(es) so I may invite them to subscribe,
-invite them to subscribe at one of these links:

We will be using this list to publicize our October 27 Wisconsin Society for Music Teacher Education (WSMTE) meeting, and other activities at the state music conference. I will also update the list according to the College Music Society online directory, but since it is early in the year some schools may not have updated their CMS directory information. I'd appreciate your help not to miss someone.

The Music Teacher Education List currently contains 90 addresses. This list is moderated for the purpose of blocking "spam" and commercial postings. If you wish to unsubscribe from the list please reply to this message and I will remove your address.

Thank you,
Ken Liske --list moderator