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[Music Education] Music Methods for Elem Teachers

Music Education Colleagues,

Would you be willing to share with me a sentence or two about how your institution handles the music methods course for elementary education majors? (I'm not referring to music courses taken as a liberal arts requirement.) As the College of Education at UW Oshkosh restructures its elementary education curriculum, some consideration is being given to revising the art, music, health, and PE methods course requirements. I'd like to be able to share some accurate information with them about how other Wisconsin institutions currently handle the music methods course. I don't believe I need much detail. This info would be helpful:

Do elementary education majors at your institution take a music methods/skills course (or courses)? Which other education majors (EC, special ed, secondary, etc,) take the course(s)?
How many total credits of music methods/skills are currently required?
Approximately how many students are typically enrolled in one course section?

Thanks for taking a moment to help me with this.
Ken Liske

Kenneth L. Liske, Ph.D.
Director of Choral and General Music Education
University of Wisconsin Oshkosh Department of Music
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