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[Music Education] Music and Lifelong Learning Symposium

New Year Greetings, Colleagues!

Please find attached an e-brochure for the upcoming Music and Lifelong
Learning Symposium to be held April 14-16 at the University of
Wisconsin-Madison.  The Symposium is presented in collaboration with the
MENC's Adult and Community Music Education SRIG.  As you can see, there is
an extremely interesting slate of research presentations and interactive
sessions.  Please forward the attachment to those who might be
interested, or reference our website:  http://www.dcs.wisc.edu/lsa/music/symposium.htm
Also, please feel free to send postal addresses to me so that I can
send a print brochure to those who prefer one.

Best wishes for a wonderful semester and year 

Chelcy Bowles

Dr. Chelcy L. Bowles
Associate Professor
Director of Continuing Education in Music University of
Wisconsin-Madison 720 Lowell Center 610 Langdon Street Madison,
Wisconsin 53703-1195

Phone:  608/265-5629
Fax:  608/262-1694

Attachment: Music & Lifelong Learning Symposium.doc
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