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Re: [Music Education] Senate Bill 101

See my attached letter faxed to Senator Darling yesterday.
Marsha Kindall-Smith

"Pontious, Melvin DPI" wrote:

> Please distribute this information as widely as possible among your
> constituents.  Senate Bill 101, presently referred to the Education
> Committee, proposes to change the law so that school boards may, after a
> public hearing, request a waiver from the DPI regarding state school law.
> DPI will be required to grant such a waiver.  This would mean release from
> the 20 standards, which includes requiring music and art in K-6 and
> electives in 7-12.  A separate clause also prohibits DPI from granting a
> waiver that would exempt districts from the revenue limits.
> There will be a hearing on March 22 at 1:00 in room 300SE in the Capitol.
> Anyone wishing to testify against or in favor should be there.  Parents
> would be especially valuable.  It is vital that legislators hear from the
> public.  If you cannot attend, a letter, phone call, or email to your
> legislator would be very important.
> Mel Pontious
> State Fine Arts Consultant
> PO Box 7841
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> 608/267-5042
> FAX 608/266-1965
> melvin.pontious@dpi.state.wi.us
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