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[Music Education] WSMTE meeting March 31

Dear WSMTE Colleagues,
The Wisconsin Society for Music Teacher Education will meet this Thursday, March 31st, from 10 a.m. until 2 p.m. at UWSP.  The meeting will be held in the University Center, Room 207.  Coffee, tea, and pastries will be provided by the UWSP College of Fine Arts and Communication.  We'll go through the cafeteria line in the UC "Wooden Spoon"  for lunch.  For directions to Stevens Point, campus maps, and parking information, go to the UWSP web site, and click on "Campus Visitors".  Our agenda will include discussion of required Professional Development Plans, the relationship between PDP's and the need for graduate courses in music education, concerns about the need for dual and triple licensure and the 165 credit cap, Praxis II, and other issues related to PI 34 implementation.  If there are additional concerns and issues on your mind please let me know.

Thanks to those who responded to the first meeting announcement, sent February 15th.  If you didn't respond, I hope you will do so now, in response to this meeting reminder.   I look for to seeing you for our discussions aimed at the continous improvement of undergraduate and graduate music education in Wisconsin.

Judy Bond, WMEA College and University Chair, and WSMTE Chair