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[Music Education] WSMTE at WMEA

Greetings Music Teacher Educators!


The annual conference session and meeting of the Wisconsin Society for Music Teacher Education is next Wednesday, October 26th, at 4 p.m.  Please note the time!  It is NOT 3 p.m. as listed in The Wisconsin School Musician, it is at 4 p.m. in Room E, Monona Terrace.   The meeting will end with a reception, refreshments provided by WMEA in support of our group.  Please bring a list of your recent music education graduates and their job placements.  This has been requested by the WMEA Council, as part of the Strategic Plan.  It is very important to WMEA that we have this information, so if you are not able to attend the meeting, please send it to me by e-mail.  Thanks for your help with this! 


The agenda will include reports from MENC’s Society for Music Teacher Education Symposium, held in September, with concerns and challenges for future action.  We are also preparing a report which will have information regarding variations in music education licensure programs at Wisconsin colleges and universities.  Please be prepared to share details about the 4 or 5 year plan at your institution.  This has been requested of our group by the Association of College and University Music Administrators (ACUMA).  Thanks for your help with this as well!


Are you planning to attend the meeting?  Please let me know either way!  If you have concerns you would like to discuss, let me know.


Thanks again.


Judy Bond, Coordinator of Music Education, UWSP