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Dear Colleagues in Undergraduate Music Education,


The annual meeting of the Wisconsin Society for Music Teacher Education will take place at the WMEA October Conference, on Wednesday, October 25th.  At 4 p.m. Don Ester, from Ball State University, Chair of MENC’s Society for Music Teacher Education will present a session on “Connecting WSMTE with SMTE”.   The opportunity to hear Don speak from a national perspective about issues in undergraduate music education is one that should be of vital interest to all music teacher educators in Wisconsin.   The annual meeting of WSMTE will immediately follow Don’s presentation on Wednesday.  At the meeting we will follow the lead of our parent organization, SMTE, through setting goals and developing action plans for continuing to build the best possible Wisconsin programs in music teacher education.   Light refreshments will be provided by WMEA.


The following morning, Thursday, October 26th, Don Ester will present another session titled “MTE 101: The State of Music Teacher Education”.   


Please respond by return e-mail to let me know whether you are planning to attend the Wednesday WSMTE session with Don Ester, and the meeting which follows.  One of our goals this year is to have representation from every institution involved in undergraduate music teacher education.  Thanks for your support and cooperation.


Judy Bond, UWSP, WMEA College and University Representative and WSMTE Chair, jbond@uwsp.edu



NOTE: If you are receiving this e-mail message and you are not involved in music teacher education, you may ask to have your name removed from the list.