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[WSMTE] Fwd: SMTE: 2007 Symposium Call For Proposals

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From: SMTE <smte@bsu.edu>
Date: February 6, 2007 1:11:03 PM CST
Subject: SMTE: 2007 Symposium Call For Proposals

SMTE Colleague:

The 2007 Symposium Call For Proposals is now posted. Please access this on our web site (http://smte.us). The deadline for submission is April 15, 2007.

You are receiving this email as a result of your attendance at the 2005 Symposium in Greensboro. I am continuing to send important announcements to this email list, but I encourage you to register as a subscriber on the SMTE web site if you have not already done so (if you HAVE already done so, you should have received a similar email message earlier today).

To become a subscriber, simply go to smte.us and click Register on the bottom of the homepage. Enter your preferred Username and email address in the pop-up window. A randomly generated password will be emailed to you (usually in less than a minute). You can then return to the smte.us homepage and click Login, using your new Username and Password. Go to Your Profile and make any adjustments you wish (note: you will want to click Update Profile at the bottom of the page as you progress). Click on the Subscriptions tab to request email notifications of all new General postings, Event postings, and the postings of any of the ASPAs; this will assure that you are aware of important information and events related to SMTE.

I look forward to seeing you next fall in Greensboro for the 2007 Symposium on
Music Teacher Education: Collaborative Action For Change.

Most respectfully,

Don P. Ester, Ph.D.
National Chair, Society for Music Teacher Education
Professor and Area Coordinator of Music Education
School of Music
Ball State University
Muncie, IN  47306
O:  765.285.5406
FAX:  765.285.5401