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[WSMTE] FW: UWGB Summer Prof. Devel.

Title: FW: UWGB Summer Prof. Devel.

From:   Kiehn, Mark 
Sent:   Monday, May 21, 2007 5:07 PM
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Cc:     Kiehn, Mark
Subject:        UWGB Summer Prof. Devel.

Dear Colleagues in Education:

I am offering two graduate-level short session courses this June through the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay Outreach Program. Each 5-day course will meet in the morning at the Howard town hall. I have recently been conducting research and teaching in the areas of creative thinking development, exceptional learners, at-risk students, and arts integration. These courses have been very well-received by the university community and I am offering them to professionals in the field seeking professional development. Both courses are open to all PK-12 educators, administrators, and instructional assistants; and enrollees may select 1 graduate credit or noncredit enrollment options. (Course syllabi are on the website below, or we can send you copies via e-mail upon request.)

Thank you for your time, and have a wonderful summer!

Mark T. Kiehn, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of Education
Graduate Program in Education
University of Wisconsin-Green Bay
E-mail: kiehnm@uwgb.edu
Phone: 920.465.2057

June 18-22 (8-11 AM) "Teaching Exceptional Students and At-Risk Students Through Fine Arts Activities"

June 25-29 (8-11 AM) "Creating Meaningful Learning Experiences for Students through Literacy, Literature, and Arts Integration"

Click here for course information and registration


Or contact Annie at UWGB (1-800-892-2118) or lietzowa@uwgb.edu