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Greetings, Educators!
Each year since the implementation of PI 34, and primarily due to budget cuts, music educators across the state who hold the previous license are now being asked to teach some or all of PK or K-5 general music for their district. I have volunteered to find out if any of you are willing to or could recommend someone to work with the Wisconsin Center for Music Education to plan and/or teach a portion of or all of a series of course offerings with possible follow-up workshops and distance education. The purpose of these offerings would be to provide 6-12 general music licensees with the knowledge, skills and dispositions necessary to add-on a PK-5 license. This would mean planning and implementing instruction for at least the following:
    PK-5 pedagogy (including, for example, materials and methods and skills enabling the teacher to use recorder, a fretted instrument and piano keyboard as a teaching tool)
    Some sort of designed field experience in which the candidate could teach within or across this age group, and be supervised in this teaching
    A portfolio designed according to specifications that allow the candidate to demonstrate their knowledge, skills and dispositions according to each Wisconsin Teacher Standard
I am happy to help with some of this and am hoping that several 'teams' of us could share this responsibility. Please let me know if you or someone you know might be interested in doing this!
Thanks in advance for your responses,
Dr. Vanissa B. Murphy, Co-Chair
Mentoring and Professional Development Project, WMEA
Professor, UW-Eau Claire Department of Music and Theatre Arts