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[WSMTE] WSMTE reception and conversation at conference

Title: FW: UWGB Summer Prof. Devel.
WSMTE (Wisconsin Society for Music Teacher Education)
Please join us on Wednesday, Oct. 24, from 4 - 6 PM for a reception and lively conversation with Estelle Jorgensen, Professor of Music Education at Indiana University (see bio below). We will be discussing positive aspects of teacher education in Wisconsin with particular attention to helping our students move from their 'musician-self' to their 'educator' self'. The reception will be held in Room O of the Monona Terrace.

As a teacher of graduate courses in the foundations of music education, Estelle Jorgensen also serves as editor for Philosophy of Music Education Review, and is the founding chair of Philosophy SRIG of MENC. She is the author of In Search of Music Education (University of Illinois Press, 1997), Transforming Music Education (Indiana University Press, 2003), and frequent contributor to leading research journals in music education internationally. She is an author and speaker on a broad array of themes in the philosophy of music education.

                                I hope to see you there!
                                Vanissa Murphy, WMEA Chair
                                College and University and
                                Wisconsin Society for Music Teacher Education