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[WSMTE] question

Hey Ken,
I thought that this message would go to everyone on the list, but if it
only goes to you, would you be so good as to forward it to everyone on the

Thanks so much,

Hello everyone,
I'm seeking some information and hope that all of you can help me out. 
First, do you have the possibility of students majoring in Instrumental
Music Ed., Choral Music Ed., and Elementary General?  Different schools
may call it different things, here at River Falls, it is possible for
students to get a K-12 Choral or Instrumental degree and then double major
by doing about a year of extra course work to get the other degree as
well.  They are expected to do two senior recitals and also to complete 9
weeks of student teaching in each of the three areas of secondary choral,
secondary instrumental and elementary general.  I hope that all of that
makes sense...

In addition to knowing if there is a possibility at your schools to get
degrees allowing for all three licensures, if you do, do you require the
three 9 week student placements?

Sorry to take time from your busy schedules to respond to this, but I
would be very happy for any information that you can send me.

Hilree Hamilton

Hilree J. Hamilton, Ph. D.
Associate Professor of Music Education
University of Wisconsin-River Falls