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RE: [WSMTE] another question: please respond

At Maranatha, Marching Band and Multicultural/Multiethnic topics would be a help. We also discussed the possibility of Early Childhood Music last year at the WSTME meeting.

Thank you,

Rick Townsend
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Subject: [WSMTE] another question: please respond

Dear Colleagues in Higher Education:

The Professional Development Committee of WMEA is considering a series of workshops we might offer at the Wisconsin Center for Music Education for undergraduate music education majors.  We’re aware that students may sometimes need to “fill in the gaps” in areas that are missing from the curriculum at their college or university.  For example, at UWSP the instrumental students have very little opportunity to prepare for teaching marching band, and the choral students are lacking experience with vocal jazz and show choir.  The PD Committee would like to assemble a list of potential workshops to fill these and other needs.  We need your input before the discussion goes any further.  I hope you will answer this e-mail immediately, because we are meeting tomorrow,  Saturday, November 10th.  What do you think? 1) Is this a good idea?  2)  If so, what workshops would fill a need for your students?

Thanks for your input!

Judy Bond, Professional Development Committee