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Re: [WSMTE] WSMTE information

Dear Wisconsin Colleagues:

We had Estelle speak at Mountain Lake this past May. She really provoked our
thinking in profound and significant ways. These questions are so crucial
and I know you will have lively discussion about the future of music teacher
education when you meet in February.

I'm so happy to be on the WSMTE mailing list still--seeing all of your names
pop up in my inbox is a pleasure . . .


Janet R. Barrett, Ph.D.
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On 11/26/07 3:25 PM, "Murphy, Vanissa B." <MURPHYVB@uwec.edu> wrote:

> Greetings, everyone!
> Apologies for getting this information to you so late. I have finally gleaned
> through my notes from our meeting during WMEA conference and believe that this
> accurately articulates our discussion with Dr. Jorgensen. Some of what you see
> here will also be a part of my article for January WSM so sorry about the
> duplication:
> During our WSMTE meeting on Oct. 24th, we discussed our perceptions regarding
> the state of music teacher education in Wisconsin and considered our future.
> Our facilitator/mentor for this meeting, music teacher-scholar Dr. Estelle
> Jorgensen, helped us frame our conversations. We began by sharing information
> regarding our various music teacher education degrees. Our degree plans
> outline a course of study from 4 to 4 ½ years, although some students do take
> longer to complete their degrees. PI 34 has impacted our curricula and field
> experiences. Issues regarding secondary general music and the inclusion of a
> music education component to entrance auditions were discussed. Our students
> are licensed in instrumental, choral or general music or a combination of
> choral/general or instrumental/general areas. Listening to our discussion, Dr.
> Jorgensen organized questions we may want to consider for the future. These
> were:
> 1.      What is essential to music education training?
> 2.      Is preparing a teacher more than credits associated with coursework?
> 3.      Are we thinking strategically or trying to keep and protect?
> 4.      Do students want to learn what we want to teach them? (for example,
> what are we doing to "marry" popular culture and
>         traditional culture?)
> 5.      What do we see for the future as we consider 21st century skills?
> a.      What does the music sound like?
> b.      What does our teaching look like?
> c.      How do we make learning meaningful to the 21st century student?
> 6.      How could a conversation about 21st century skills be opened to
> teachers across the state?
> Another part of our discussion dealt with the idea that exemplary music
> teachers have a knowledge base/expertise to share and access to that 'data'
> isn't necessarily available. The premise is that all of us teachers and our
> students can benefit from the critical behaviors and strategies observable
> from these teachers. Shelia Frey-Shaw volunteered to develop a research
> project which would investigate these knowledge, skills, and dispositions of
> exemplary teachers. What we did not discuss were any delimiters (Public school
> teachers? Private school? University? Other?) or, other than to use past
> 'teacher of the year' recipients, how we might determine who is included in
> the study.
> Our next meeting will be in February. The agenda will be for us to tackle some
> of these questions, with question #5c from the above list being the umbrella
> for the others. Let me know your date preferences and whether you would rather
> meet at the Center or at UWSP. I would be glad to host us at UWEC but that may
> be a further drive than some can do.
> Also, your email responses to any of the above ideas/questions can help us get
> this conversation started right now!
> Sincerely,
> Vanissa
> Dr. Vanissa B. Murphy, Chair
> Wisconsin Society for Music Teacher Education
> Professor, Music and Theatre Arts
> Dept. of Music and Theatre Arts
> University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire
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