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Re: [WSMTE] February Meeting

Hi Everyone,
I also will be involved in MMEA this weekend.

> Hello, Vanissa -
> I'm afraid I won't be able to join the group this weekend, as I'll be in
> Minneapolis for MMEA.  You have planned an interesting and important
> agenda, and I look forward to hearing about the discussions.
> Have a wonderful meeting!
> Chelcy
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> Greeting, everyone!
> I hope you are staying warm this wind-chilled weekend! I am looking
> forward to seeing you on Saturday, February 16. We will be meeting in
> the Richard and Nancy Wolf Resource Center at the Wisconsin Center for
> Music Education in Waunakee. I have scheduled the meeting from 10 until
> 2 -- we may not need all of that time but I wanted to make sure that we
> would have enough time to begin a discussion related to the questions
> that evolved from our last meeting and to discuss the add-on
> 'elementary'  certification. Please let me know if you have additional
> items of discussion for our group.
> Agenda:
> 1. Welcome (Ken, you are so good at leading us in song -- perhaps you
> can do this?  :-)
> 2. WSMTE speaker and meeting during WMEA Conference in Oct. - please
> bring all of your ideas!
> 3. Add-on license for PI3 teachers who need to add an elementary
> component (see attached 'talking' document)
> 4. Continued discussion regarding 21st Century Skills and the 'place' of
> music within discussions taking place
>      on the state level. At the core of this I think a very powerful
> conversation for us to have would be regarding
>      how we are teaching our music education students about advocacy for
> public school music, especially
>      in light of the uses of music in a utilitarian way (for example, to
> increase test scores in other subject areas)
>      and for aesthetic purposes (for example, to enrich the human
> experience through music)
> 5.  Other: please send me other issues that you think we need to discuss
> and I will update our agenda to
>      reflect those topics.
> If it sounds OK with all of you, we will continue our discussions
> through lunch--  I plan to bring a couple or three super large pizzas
> from Sam's Club, salad, and bottled water. I am so sorry that some of
> you will not be able to attend on Saturday but as you know, it is hard
> to find a time that meets the needs of everyone. Please accept my
> sincere apologies for not being able to schedule a time for every single
> one of you!
> In order to plan for lunch, please confirm that you are able to attend
> our meeting. If you are unable to attend, please send me your input for
> our agenda items and I will make sure your voice is heard.
> Have a great work-week and I can't wait for us to discuss issues of
> music teacher education in our state.
> Best regards always,
> Vanissa
> Sincerely,
> Vanissa
> Dr. Vanissa B. Murphy, Chair
> Wisconsin Society for Music Teacher Education
> Professor, Music and Theatre Arts
> Coordinator, Music Education Division
> Dept. of Music and Theatre Arts
> University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire
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