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[WSMTE] Fall/Winter Professional Development Opportunities

Greetings WSMTE members,

I hope your fall semester is starting out well.  As you know, this summer we launched a new program for submitting professional development opportunities on the WMEA web site.  I hope you found the new system efficient and easy to use.  

If you have fall and winter workshops you would like advertised through the WMEA web site, please go to our professional development page at http://www.wmea.com/prof_dev/index.php.  In the second paragraph, you will see a link to submit opportunities.  If you have not used this site before, you will be given a password that you will need to use each time you visit (to keep out spam).  Once your submissions are received and approved, they will automatically be posted on the site in chronological order.  You will be able to submit as many opportunities as you like, but please be aware that the description field is limited to 75 words.  

Thank you for your efforts to provide professional development opportunities to teachers, and please feel free to contact me with any questions or issues.  I look forward to receiving your submissions!

Terri Felton
Continuing Education Director
Wisconsin School Music Association
1005 Quinn Drive
Waunakee, WI 53597
P: 608-850-3566 F: 608-850-3515

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