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Re: [WSMTE] Wednesday meeting of WSMTE

From your Illinois member of the WSMTE:

I just wanted to say that I hosted a meeting of the Society for Music Teacher Education executive committee here in Evanston last weekend. Our main agenda was to plan the next Greensboro Symposium which will be held at UNCG on September 10-12, 2009. I would just invite you to put this on your calendars as a very worthwhile opportunity to link some of the thinking you are doing in Wisconsin to others across the nation.

Here's the website: www.smte.us

There will be a call for papers distributed soon, and I'll make sure to send it myself to the WSMTE list.

I send fond greetings for your Oct. 29 meeting!


(SMTE chair-elect)

Janet R. Barrett, PhD
Associate Professor, Music Education
Bienen School of Music
Northwestern University
711 Elgin Road
Evanston IL 60208-1200

Office: 847-467-1258
FAX: 847-491-5260