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It would helpful if we could offer these on February 28th! (We are having our Festival of Men's Voices on the 21st!)

Jose Rivera

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The Collegiate Conference is being held at UWSP on February 28 (please encourage all your students to come to this event planned by the state CMENC steering committee). Might it be possible to meet in conjunction with that? Just a suggestion as a possibility. 


Information about the Collegiate Conference : 

While you're all enjoying the holidays and planning for next semester, write down the MENC Collegiate Conference down in your planner! 

Saturday, February 28th: UW-Stevens Point with Rich Matta! 

Registration will begin late January, so keep an eye on your email. 

Cost will be $15 and will include all materials and lunch. 

Once again, we will be offering free overnight stays with CMENC members the evening before. 

While we'll spend most of the day being inspired by Rich Matta, there will be choral and instrumental reading sessions in the afternoon sponsored by JW Pepper. 

The choral session will be lead by Director of UWSP Choral Activities Lucinda Thayer, the instrumental session to be lead by Director of Bands Brendan Caldwell and members of his advanced conducting class. 

Below are some of the topics Rich Matta will present, geared towards choral, general, and instrumental majors. 

The MENC Wisconsin Collegiate Conference is presented by the CMENC State Advisory Council, UWSP Music Department, and UWSP College of Fine Arts. 

“Building Technique With Kids Who Don’t Practice”-Structure your rehearsal to maximize benefits in both technique and performance. 

“Building Brass Players From Beginning to End”-Hints on getting started and then a solid approach to keep them progressing. 

“Teaching Sensitivity In Music”-Suggested styles of music to demonstrate and examples of how you might, in your own way, take them to the next level! 

“How To Get More Out of Your Musical Selections”-Make every piece a musical/opera! Stretch your creativity! 

“How To Eliminate Discipline Problems Before They Start”-Could our discipline problems start with us and not the kids. Knowing ourselves better might help us to understand and relate to our kids better. 

“Know thyself!” - Do we have any idea of the responsibility we have to our students EVERY day we step into our classroom? Do we take ownership of that responsibility? 

“Can One Teacher Make a Difference?” Having taught for 42 years, where are some of my former students? It may really surprise you!! 

Hear Rich’s story of an amazing student’s travels from an extraordinary beginning till now!! It will make you reevaluate your daily approach to your students and lesson plans! 

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Greetings, everyone, 

Happy 2009! I hope you have had a nice winter break and enjoyed the holidays. Attached to this email are the minutes from our meeting in October and at the end of the minutes are our ideas for topic discussion and resource sharing for our next meeting. And, it is time for us to try and create a date for that meeting that we usually schedule in late February. I am thinking that it might be a good idea to vary the location of our February meetings so that those of you who want to host the meeting would have that opportunity. I would be glad to host the next meeting at UWEC but if any of you want to host, please let me know and we'll discuss location and date together. 

So, to get this conversation started, we could meet at UWEC on Saturday, Feb. 21, from 9 to 12 or, if you prefer, 10 to 1. If you would rather have the meeting more centrally located, we have often met at UWSP (what do you think, Judy?) but I am open to anyone's suggestion! 

Thanks and I hope to hear from you soon, Vanissa Dr. Vanissa B. Murphy, Chair Wisconsin Society for Music Education Division of Music Education, Professor Department of Music and Theatre Arts University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire 
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