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Just a quick reminder and an update about our upcoming meeting of the Wisconsin Society for Music Teacher Education tomorrow,  Saturday, February 28th, from 10 to 3 in Noel Fine Arts Center, room 221, at UWSP. We’ll plan to have mid-morning snacks and coffee available when you arrive!


I know that not all of us will be able to attend and I am so sorry that finding a date to match everyone’s schedule was impossible.  Here is the agenda:


  1. What do our pre-service field experiences look like (all)?
  2. What do our introductory music education courses contain? (we will bring syllabi to share)
  3. How are we using portfolios to show growth? (if possible, we will bring examples of student portfolios and/or rubrics)

4.      Update on State Superintendent’s Task Force on the Arts and Creativity in Education: Action Plan and how it relates to WSMTE (Mel)

  1. Lunch with CMENC students
  2. How might we organize student teacher observation reflections around the WI Teacher Standards (all)?
  3. What do field experience observation forms contain? How, specifically, are they used? (we will bring examples of observation forms to share)
  4. Is there a need for change in the music methods course we provide for elementary education majors?

What exactly are the DPI requirements in music, art, theatre and dance for ELED majors (Mel)?

Can one interdisciplinary course (for example, music/art/theatre) meet the requirements?

  1. How do we provide for graduates who need additional certification (post-degree certifications)?

Possible research project (Laura)?

10.  Nomination for chair for 2009/10 through 2010/2011 academic years.

11.  Other


I look forward to our meeting!



Vanissa B. Murphy, Chair, WSMTE


Ph.D., Music Education

Coordinator, Division of Music Education

Professor, Department of Music & Theatre Arts

Haas Fine Arts 227, UW-Eau Claire

Phone: 715-836-2329

Email: murphyvb@uwec.edu