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[WSMTE] WI CMP for Studio Teachers

Hi everyone,

I just wanted to pass this on from Patty Schafer, our CMP chair.  Hope you can join us!
Terri Felton
Continuing Education Director
Wisconsin Music Educators Association
1005 Quinn Drive
Waunakee, WI 53597
P: 608-850-3566 F: 608-850-3515

Hello again,

You may remember earlier this spring I contacted you and members of your professional organization about an exciting opportunity for studio teachers. On Monday, June 22 on the campus of UW-Stevens Point, the 2009 Summer CMP Workshop will include a one-day track running concurrently with our annual workshop highlighting the application of the CMP model for studio music instruction.

We have brochures and registration available on line at


I have also attached PDF file of the brochure.

Please feel free to forward this message to colleagues and members of your studio teachers association. We are very excited about this “first-ever “ focus on the studio teacher.  Please consider taking a day to gather some refreshing insights for your work in the music studio. I believe it best to share some words from a colleague. Here are a few remarks from Corky Watkins, a studio cello instructor serving on the WI CMP Committee.

Perhaps you are wondering how a program for large ensemble directors in school settings might also be good for studio teachers as well. We tend to be independent souls, enjoying the freedom to choose our own method and music, deciding for ourselves what’s important for our students, and not having to answer to anyone. In fact, we are often wary of new “methods” that appear on the scene, hesitant to jump on someone else’s bandwagon and submit to their ideas about what we should or shouldn’t be teaching.  

But CMP is neither a method nor a bandwagon. CMP is a frame upon which we stretch our understanding of our instrument and the music we love. By applying the CMP planning model to music we already teach, we discover insightful ways to hone the skills our students need, supplement the knowledge that increases their understanding, and enrich their aesthetic appreciation and personal experience of making music. In short, CMP offers music teachers an opportunity to explore our own convictions—what great music is and what it means to play it well—and ensure that those ideas and ideals are communicated to our students.

Please feel free to contact me in any manner convenient to you.

Patty Schlafer, Chair

WI CMP Project


608-437-2400 ext. 3298

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