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Re: [WSMTE] Student teacher placement question

We place students within 75 miles of campus.  That allows us to access
Twin Cities school districts and since 50% of our students are from
Minnesota, that is important.  For majors other than music, a cadre of
retired teachers observes the student teachers.  For music ed. majors,
music ed professors observe.  It is only in the most extreme situations
that our College of Ed will allow the placement of a student teacher
outside of our area.  An example would be that a married student with a
child has a spouse who is transferred across the state.  It has never
happened with a music student and has only happened every several years
with other ed majors.

The possible exception of that is that we have a student teaching abroad
program here.  We have only had one music student teacher who's been
involved and it wasn't a very successful experience for her.  She was
placed in a school with no music teacher and became the music teacher. 
There was no cooperating teacher and very little supervision.  It was a
dissappointing experience for her and I have tried to discourage students
from doing that.  At the very least I'd want to know much more about the
situation the student teacher was going to encounter.  The program is
quite expensive and that has been the main discouragement for our students
who have some interest in student teaching abroad.

Hilree Hamilton

> Hi everyone.
> I am forwarding this question below from Laura Sindberg at Lawrence
> University.  Feel free to respond to the list (respond to all) or
> directly to Laura.
> Begin forwarded message:
> From: Laura Sindberg <laura.sindberg@lawrence.edu>
> Date: October 12, 2009 4:40:00 PM CDT
> To: "liske@uwosh.edu" <liske@uwosh.edu>
> Subject: Student teacher placement question
> Hi Ken-
> I have a question for our WSMTE colleagues, and ask if you would be
> kind enough to forward it through our list serve.
> What are the placement policies for your campus in relation to
> distance? How far (miles or minutes) do you place student teachers
> from campus? Any extenuating circumstances that come into play?
> Many thanks,
> Laura
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Hilree J. Hamilton, Ph. D.
Associate Professor of Music Education
University of Wisconsin-River Falls