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Re: [WSMTE] Student teacher placement question

Hello, all,

At UWM, we tend to place students within a 60 mile radius. On occasion we've placed students 120 miles from campus, but, these are rare occasions. I like the idea that was sent earlier about an additional fee for placements outside of the normal range.


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Hi everyone. 

I am forwarding this question below from Laura Sindberg at Lawrence University. Feel free to respond to the list (respond to all) or directly to Laura. 

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Hi Ken- 

I have a question for our WSMTE colleagues, and ask if you would be kind enough to forward it through our list serve. 

What are the placement policies for your campus in relation to distance? How far (miles or minutes) do you place student teachers from campus? Any extenuating circumstances that come into play? 

Many thanks, 

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