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Re: [WSMTE] Student teacher placement question

At UWEC we try to limit our placements to around a 60 mile radius as is in compliance with our Field Experience Council's (within the College of ED) recommendations. There are three circumstances in which this policy has been suspended: (1) A student teacher has been recommended for an internship and has applied for and been offered an internship that is out-of-area;  (2) An unusually large number of student teachers and/or a situation in which some cooperating teachers are not taking field placements for a semester or year necessitates that student teachers be placed out-of-area out-of-area; (3) The student teacher submits a request for an out-of-area placement due to one of three recognized exceptions that the Field Experience Council approves-- an illness that requires the student teacher be placed near their doctor, a family illness requires that the student teacher must live at home to help take care of the family member, or the student teacher marries and the spouse is relocated to a different area.

Hope this is not too confusing. 
See you all at our Oct. meeting -- more on this forthcoming this week!
Dr. Vanissa B. Murphy, Coordinator
Division of Music Education, Professor
Department of Music and Theatre Arts
University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire

I have a question for our WSMTE colleagues, and ask if you would be kind enough to forward it through our list serve.

What are the placement policies for your campus in relation to distance? How far (miles or minutes) do you place student teachers from campus? Any extenuating circumstances that come into play?

Many thanks,