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Re: [WSMTE] Student teacher placement question



We typically place students in the Green Bay city area. Other placements could include to the north and east of GB (approximately 50 miles). Students who choose to go outside this area pay a fee for supervision by someone other than a regular faculty member.  If this is the case; then a qualified supervisor in the outside area is contracted by our Student Teaching Coordinator in the UWGB Education Program office. We currently have an adequate number of Cooperating Teachers in our placement area; however, a courtesy placement outside the area will be filled providing students make the request in advance and a qualified supervisor is available. 



Mark T. Kiehn, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Music Education

UW-Green Bay




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At UW Oshkosh the Field Experiences Office in the College of Education has typically adhered to a 50-mile radius placement service region that I believe they have worked out in an agreement with the most closely adjacent UW Campuses.  Starting next semester they have added an additional 20 miles to the south, and northeast.  Placements in this area are assigned a university supervisor from the music faculty here.  If students desire to be placed outside the service region they must apply and pay an out-of-area fee that I believe amounts to $600.  A qualified supervisor in the area is then contracted by the Field Experiences Office.  This applies to students who apply for an urban or tribal placement as well.  There is an appeal process which goes before the Professional Education Committee, and in some cases when the student can demonstrate a personal and financial hardship that would result from remaining in the service region, the fee is waived.  In our case there is no shortage of good music cooperating teachers in the service region so if a student goes out of area it is generally because they have a compelling reason to request this, and they pay the fee.  Hope this helps.




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Hi everyone.


I am forwarding this question below from Laura Sindberg at Lawrence University.  Feel free to respond to the list (respond to all) or directly to Laura.


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From: Laura Sindberg <laura.sindberg@lawrence.edu>

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Subject: Student teacher placement question


Hi Ken-

I have a question for our WSMTE colleagues, and ask if you would be kind enough to forward it through our list serve.

What are the placement policies for your campus in relation to distance? How far (miles or minutes) do you place student teachers from campus? Any extenuating circumstances that come into play?

Many thanks,







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