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[WSMTE] PDP Goal Approval Workshop

HELP SPREAD THE WORD! In case you have not already seen this opportunity, we will be offering two sessions during WMEA conference for initial educators so that they can not only learn more about writing a PDP but actually GET THEIR PDP APPROVED. We will have a review team that will be able to review PDPs on-the-spot! Please contact your grads who are currently in their 2nd year of teaching and let them know about this fantastic opportunity! I have included the sessions that apply below. Thanks and see you soon, Vanissa
 Presented by:  Jill Prushiek, Eau Claire, WI
Panel members: Vanissa Murphy, Anne Sheridan, Mary Anne Zupan, Lisa Werner, Lisa Benz and Jill Prushiek	

Participants will have an opportunity to be coached through the process of writing their PDP goal (Section II A-E) on Thursday, October 29 (10am) and meet with a PDP review team on Friday, October 30 for their goal approval. Participants will sign up for a Friday appointment (between 10 and 12:45) during the Thursday session. This is a unique opportunity for those initial educators who are in their second year of teaching and must develop a PDP for goal approval by January 1. 

Facilitators will guide participants in their writing process on Thursday, October 29 and provide review teams for goal approval on Friday, October 30.  Initial educators coming for this workshop should bring the following: a general idea of their PDP goal and two or more standards they will address, reflection ideas from the past year’s teaching experience, and part 2A completed of the PDP. This workshop is limited to 20 participants. Call the WMEA office at 800-589-9762 to reserve your place.