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Re: [WSMTE] Fwd: HSSD orchestra posting

Dear all,
Well, the semester ended before I could catch my breath! I do want to send you my regrets that I could not manage to arrange our meeting this spring. I returned from my fall sabbatical to face teaching 4 different classes, three of them overloaded with twice as many people and I had 48 field observations to complete! 

Perhaps the news that Bennett Reimer has confirmed that he will be the lead presenter for the WSMTE session/reception on October 27 and then do a conference session on October 28 will spur us forward! During our last meeting, we had discussed that we would invite a retired music educator from our departments, a representative from our CMENC chapters to accompany us for the session/reception and also invite the CMENC steering committee to our meeting. Sort of a "past-present-and-future theme. 

Is this still a plan that you would want us to pursue?  And, if so,  please submit your ideas regarding how you would like for Dr. Reimer to facilitate our discussion during our Wednesday session/reception and for his presentation topic during the next day's morning's conference session.  

I hope all of you had a less stressful end of the semester than me (!) and that you have wonderful summer plans! 

I look forward to hearing from you!

Vanissa B. Murphy, Chair, WSMTE
Coordinator, Division of Music Education, UWEC