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[WSMTE] Reception & Meeting Oct. 27

Greetings, everyone,
I hope you are having a wonderful summer! The final stages of planning for our WSMTE reception and meeting during conference is now in progress! In case you did not receive the previous email, we are very excited that Dr. Bennett Reimer is our guest facilitator and session speaker. I need your help in determining what time we will meet for our annual reception and discussion on Wednesday, Oct. 27. In previous years we have met around 4:30 pm. Is this a time that you can be there or shall we try for a later (or earlier) time?  Please advise as it appears that we can set the time for whatever works best for most of us. Dr. Reimer's session on Thursday has been scheduled around the 11am time frame so that we no longer conflict with the legislator's breakfast. Also, just a reminder so that you can better plan-- 

Since this is the 50th year for WMEA and the conference theme this year is "Celebrating Our Past: Imagining Our Future", we decided that it would be fabulous to bring a retired music educator and a CMENC or MUED student leader with us to our reception/meeting. I will eventually need to let WMEA know approximately how many people to expect for this so watch for an RSVP toward the end of August or beginning of September.

So, for now, please send a quick email and let me know your time preference for the meeting. 

Many thanks and best wishes for a fabulous end-of-July and August,
Dr. Vanissa B. Murphy, Coordinator
Division of Music Education, Professor
Department of Music and Theatre Arts
University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire