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[WSMTE] First Year Teacher Names Needed for Research


We have a Ph.D. candidate in our School of Education (former Wisconsin music teacher) that is beginning doctoral research pertaining to online mentoring programs for first-year music teachers. This is seeming to be a particularly late year for hires and we are having a difficult time getting her in touch with new music teachers in Wisconsin. If you have contact information for any newly placed teachers, will you either forward it to me or give them my contact information and ask them to contact me? I believe that participation in this study will be a "value added" experience for any new teacher involved.

Thanks for your help!

Scott Emmons
Associate Dean, Peck School of the Arts
Professor, Music Education
PO Box 413
Milwaukee, WI 53201
414-229-4258 (office)
414-229-2776 (fax)