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Re: [WSMTE] Reception & Meeting Oct. 27

Hello all...

I could use some help. 

Our president and academic dean are interested in having me develop a California model pre-service masters degree for music educators. Since our program typically crowds 5 years for Pre-K - 12 certification, they believe that we should be calling it a masters degree. I assure them that the content is entirely undergraduate level in scope, with only two possible courses that might be considered for dual-level consideration.

I have two concerns.

1. The job market. It has been my experience that most principals want to hire the least expensive 1st-year teacher possible, and that a teacher with a masters degree and no experience becomes very difficult to market. Is that your understanding, also?

2. I am not interested in giving anyone a masters degree who has not demonstrated mastery of teaching skills in real classrooms for at least a few years.

I would appreciate your thoughts.

Thank you,


Rick D. Townsend, PhD
Director of Instrumental Music
Director of Music Teacher Education
Maranatha Baptist Bible College
Watertown, WI 53098

Managing Director
Early Childhood Music and Movement Association (ECMMA)

Early Childhood Chair
Wisconsin Music Educator's Association (WMEA)