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[WSMTE] WSMTE Workshop Oct. 27

Greetings, everyone!

WMEA conference will be here before we know it which also means that our annual time together is fast approaching. I am thrilled to tell you that Dr. Bennett Reimer is confirmed as our guest speaker and discussion facilitator! Our workshop with Dr.  Reimer is scheduled in the Hilton Monona Terrace, Tenney Room, fro6:30 – 8:30 pm on Wednesday, Oct. 27.


Dr. Reimer will present the following topic:  


"Music Teacher Education for What?" 

Do we have a clear and consensual understanding of what our teacher education programs are intended to accomplish? Do we prepare teacher educators optimally in [their] programs? 


In keeping with the conference theme of “Celebrating Our Past, Imagining Our Future”, please also invite a retired music educator and pre-service educator to join you for this exciting evening! I am also hoping members of our CMENC Steering Committee and our WMEA Executive Board can participate with us. 

Since we will have beverages and fruit and cheese,
if you have not already done so, please let me know how many people will be coming with you.

See you in October!


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