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[WSMTE] 3 items (from Vanissa Murphy)

[This message from Vanissa seems to have been rejected by the list server for some reason.  I'm forwarding it and trying again.  I apologize for the problem.  Please reply to her, or the list, regarding the content of the message!  -KL]

Hello, everyone,
I hope you are beginning to enjoy the onslaught of summer! I have three items of ‘business’ to ask you about and look forward to your reply.
First, there is a doctoral student who many of you may have already heard from, who could benefit from our assistance in order to complete data collection for dissertation purposes. I will be forwarding you an email from him, and, if you are so inclined, could you forward the survey to your MUED students who might help?
Second, we need to select a new chair for our WSMTE. Please send me your nominations and I will get you a way to vote! The selected person will also become the College and University representative on the WMEA Council.  I have served two terms and that is our limit. Plus, our department has selected me as their new chair so I will be busy with those responsibilities!
Third, I believe that we are set to welcome Carlos Abril as our guest facilitator during our workshop/reception during WMEA Conference!
I look forward to hearing from you.
Best wishes for a fabulous summer,
Vanissa B. Murphy, Ph.D.
Chair, Department of Music and Theatre Arts
University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire
Phone: 715-836-4954