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[WSMTE] FW: Research in music teacher education (from Vanissa Murphy)

[Like the previous message this also seems to have been rejected by the list server, so I'm forwarding it.  -KL]

Dear Dr. Murphy,

Thank you so much!

The participants can be:
    (1) seniors who are(were) enrolled in student teaching at the elementary school level in the 2010-2011 academic year at your institution (They graduated now, right? But still fine. ) and,
    (2) your graduates who have taught one to three years in schools 

As long as they had an elementary methods course and elementary level student teaching, all can be included even if they teach now in secondary level schools.

I attach the consent, and here's the survey link:


Please let me know how many students and teachers get the invitation. 
I can't tell you how grateful I am. 

Jungwon Choi 

Attachment: 20110425_dissertation consent_MW.pdf
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